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  • I was very pleased that Dr. Coleman gave me a very clear explanation of my situation and we were able to have a frank conversation of my options. He s...

  • Dr.Coleman was the best addressed concerns I had with my physical therapy everyone in the office was amazing Can't say enough about all of them

  • Dr. Coleman is experienced, thorough, professional and he cares! The entire staff is great and the state of the art equipment is a plus. He is the BES...

  • I was very pleased that Dr. Coleman gave me a very clear explanation of my situation and we were able to have a frank conversation of my options. He suggested an option to avoid surgery and so far I am happy with the results. The swelling has subsided substantially, resulting in less pain and discomfort walking.,
    Source: Google Reviews 1
  • Dr. Coleman is experienced, thorough, professional and he cares! The entire staff is great and the state of the art equipment is a plus. He is the BEST!
    Source: Google Reviews 2
  • I am all too familiar with foot and ankle problems having aggressively participated in numerous sports and athletics for my entire life. Having lived in NYC, I was fortunate to have a team of specialists that enabled me to continue my active lifestyle.
    Source: Google Reviews 3
  • Dr.Coleman was the best addressed concerns I had with my physical therapy everyone in the office was amazing Can't say enough about all of them
    Source: Google Reviews 4
  • If Dr Coleman had not operated on my leg over 21 and a half years ago, I would not have a left foot!!! Three other doctors said that they could do nothing for me but amputate after my accident. The last doctor that looked at it said that there was one other doctor in surgery at the time who would look at it later. I did a Joe Theismann' sideways just above my ankle when I fell. I was just recalling the great work that Dr. Coleman did on my leg over 21 years ago. I have no pain or anything. You would not be able to tell what he had to put back together if you saw me even after all this time unless I showed you the incisions. I will also add that the negative reviews are disingenuous. If he's moving too fast for you it's because he has already figured out what you need. People are too quick to leave negative reviews. Everyone that I talked to during therapy had nothing but good things to say, including other doctors, the physical therapist, and the regional manager of the physical therapy clinics that I visited. The regional manager told me that I had the best orthopedic surgeon he had ever known, and that Dr. Coleman fixed his sister's leg that she was unable to walk on after someone else worked on it. I can't thank Dr. Coleman enough. I know the insurance company did not pay him nearly what his skill is worth. Please accept my public thank you Dr. Coleman, and May God bless you..
    Source: Google Reviews 5
  • Friendly staff, clean office, professional services, and efficient. Longest wait time I have had in the office was 15 minutes with a full waiting room. But the best thing about the whole experience was Dr Coleman himself. What an amazing person all around. I felt completely at ease after speaking with him for the first time in the hospital. I fell while riding a motor cycle and dislocated my ankle pretty severely and also broke both bones in my lowers leg in a couple locations that ultimately required surgery that included plates and screws. I was very nervous about the direction I would have to go prior to meeting Dr Coleman but I can’t tell you enough how confident I was after meeting him. He made an excellent first impression and has been consistent ever since. Doc if you’re reading this, thank you. My little girls thank you and my wife thanks you. You are an amazing person and physician. I can’t wait to get back to fire fighting and I will soon all thanks to you.
    Source: Google Reviews 6
  • Saw Dr. Coleman for the first time today. Have been having pain in my right foot for the past six months. Previously had seen a podiatrist I have a tear in my Achilles. Arrived at the office early to fill out the usual annoying paperwork. Busy office with different orthopedic doctors. Was at the appointment with my wife who does all the talking and decides what she will allow a doctor to do or not to do. A doctor usually has two strikes against himself even before he has a chance to say hello. Did not think Dr. Coleman had a chance and felt sorry for him when he introduced himself to us. Shocked to see that even with two strikes, he won over my wife. I was so surprised and pleased. Dr. Coleman makes you feel at ease and gives you confidence with his professional but friendly attitude. He is not an alarmist and does not make you feel that your only option is surgery. He did provide me with relief for my pain in my foot today and I am expecting positive results. Thank you!
    Source: Google Reviews 7
  • Dr Coleman and staff are the Best!! I have the utmost in confidence in Dr Coleman. Honest, listens, and explains. I would never go to anyone else! Marilyn who molds the cast is a sweetheart! Caring. Understanding.
    Source: Google Reviews 8
  • In addition to being a fantastic surgeon, Dr. Coleman is a really nice guy. His office is run beautifully and correspondence has been great. I’m grateful for being referred to Dr. Coleman’s practice!
    Source: Google Reviews 9
  • Everyone was very nice, and got me in very quickly. The whole experience was very good.
    Source: Google Reviews 10
  • AMAZING! He literally took me from the brink of suicide. He is my hero.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Dr. Brian Coleman is without a doubt the most compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough physician I have ever had care for my medical needs. He discusses my condition in layman’s terms and thoroughly explained the X-rays. Before seeing Dr. Coleman I was unable to walk unassisted. Following surgery I am now totally independent and ambulate unassisted. Dr. Coleman is truly a remarkable person who I trust implicitly and recommend highly and without reservation. Thank you, Dr. Coleman, for giving me my independence after years of suffering.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • I saw Dr. Coleman as a second opinion. However, as soon as Dr. Coleman examined my foot, I knew that he was the right surgeon for my condition. He made me feel at ease when he thoroughly explained what was to happen during surgery and what to expect during the recovery time. He patiently answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. The surgery was a great success! Not only is Dr. Coleman a phenomenal orthopedic foot surgeon, his staff is also friendly and caring and his physical therapy department is outstanding. I can’t thank everyone enough!
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 2
  • I went to Dr. Coleman after I reviewed his excellent references. I had broken my fifth metatarsal very severely. From the moment, Dr. Coleman stepped into the examination room, I knew I had the right doctor. Dr. Coleman performed ORIF surgery later that week, and not once in the last two weeks, have I had ANY pain or discomfort. Dr. Coleman was informative, thoughtful and made this experience for me everything a fine doctor could do. He is truly an Orthopedic who should be at the VERY VERY top of your list if you should ever require. I personally rate him above the stars provided! I found all his office staff very accommodating and approachable.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 3
  • A family member did recommend Dr. Coleman. Greatest piece of advice I have ever received from anyone. Dr Coleman is Phenomenal. He is the ultimate Professional. He is extremely concerned about my welfare, did not rush exams or explanations and was extremely patient with me. He performed my surgery today. His office staff that I met is also outstanding. Thank you Dr Coleman and Staff for your Class Act and Treatment. Steve Meyerson
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 4
  • Really liked Dr. Coleman. I sought him out for a second opinion regarding a foot injury (identified by a Podiatrist). That doctor was recommending stem cell injections (not covered by insurance) after only 2 weeks of immobilization which I didn't think was reasonable. So I sought the opinion of a Foot Orthopedist and found Dr. Coleman to be much more conservative in my treatment plan and thorough in explaining my issues. I prefer him over my podiatrist and will see him for future foot care.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 5
  • Dr Coleman is wonderful! I had a heal condition, which had been unsuccessfully treated by another dr. I was in severe agonizing pain for a year and a half and had received two cortisone shots , which did not help me. Dr Coleman diagnosed me, set out a plan of treatment, and within a week I am pain free. He is professional, knowledgeable, has patience and answered my questions. He and his staff have were great.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 6
  • I was referred to Dr. Coleman to help diagnose a post ankle fracture condition. Dr. Coleman was very thorough in explaining the remaining issues and was able through proper care and medical procedures to help ease discomfort.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 7
  • Dr. Coleman took his time, and used his expertise to make sure my recovery was the absolute best it could be. He's extremely knowledgeable, and all of my worries were rested after our first conversation. I would recommend Dr. Coleman to my family, and friends.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 8
  • Excellent physician and staff. Dr. Coleman is an exceptional physician. He explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. He developed a plan based on my specific needs and I truly felt he was providing the highest quality care to combat my injury. His staff was always so welcoming and accommodating. I would recommend Dr. Coleman and his wonderful staff to anyone!
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 9
  • Dr. Coleman is very professional, personable and friendly. He listens to what I have to say, asks questions and informs me about the appropriate treatment. I had a very satisfactory experience and I recommend a visit to Dr. Coleman.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 10
  • very friendly and personable. takes the time to explain in english issues
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 11
  • Fantastic Doctor. I had a torn achilles that was giving me complications for 3 years and Dr. Coleman was able to perform surgical repair and restructuring of my achilles and I have had a 100% recovery. His staff is friendly and he is a top notch professional and VERY good at orthopedic specialty. I highly recommend him.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 12
  • I've been going to Dr. Coleman for about 15 years. He is always very professional, clear, very careful, caring, personable and kind. He's quick without making any procedures painful. Him and his entire staff make sure that you are comfortable. They make sure you are fully aware of what is going on and what is going to happen next to get you better. The office is always extremely clean and everyone is always very friendly. They have taken the fear out of going to the dentist for me!
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 13
  • Everybody is great here. Dr. Coleman is the sweetest man. He is direct and knows what he is talking about. All the staff is amazing. Everybody is friendly. Deborah is GREAT! They helped me plan procedures around my confusing insurance! Would definitely recommend to anybody who hasn't been to the dentist in a while, or who usually hates the dentist!
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 14
  • Dr, Coleman is extremely proficient! He and his staff are prompt, courteous, and experts in what they are doing.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 15
  • I did go to the dentist for over 15 years. Dr Coleman and his made me feel at ease. I needed several procedures after not going to the dentist for such a long period of time. They help me get over my fear of going to the dentist. The dental work was top notch.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 16
  • Dr. Coleman and staff were all very friendly, and I felt very comfortable in the office.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 17
  • Dr Coleman has been our family dentist in last 20+ years, and the services he has provided me and my family has not changed since the first time I have seen him, the same excellent service ever since. Even when my insurance has changed, we still stayed on with his practice, because we are very confident with his professionalism and excellent service throughout the years.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 18
  • I was welcomed by the front desk as I walked in the door. Everyone was friendly, including Dr. Coleman. I was pleased with Beth, my dental assistant. She understood my problem right away and went about fixing it. A problem I had dealt with fort almost 2 yrs was fixed immediately. Couldn't be happier!
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 19
  • Dr. Coleman is wonderful! I used him for my family years ago, and recently went back when I had a change in dental insurance. I am so glad I am back as a patient in his office! He doesn't try to sell you dental work that is not needed, and that's important. Too many other dentists will really rack up the bills, but not Dr. Coleman.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 20

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